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10 handsome men hilariously kick Christmas song into gear with dance

You know Christmas is getting close when you start seeing festive decorations in stores and hearing the sounds of “Jingle Bells” on the radio.

Suddenly though, you look at your calendar and remember that Thanksgiving is still weeks away!

A lot of us poke fun at how early the holiday season seems to start these days – but one a cappella music group takes it to a whole other level of hilarity.

“The Christmas Can-Can” is a sidesplitting tune by Straight No Chaser, and their performance below is just as brilliant as the lyrics.

If you’re in need of your spirits lifted then you’ve certainly come to the right place!

Don’t let the suits and ties fool you. Straight No Chaser may look “serious,” but they’re anything but.

The talented ensemble actually has an interesting history that began when they were college students at Indiana University.

As friends, they decided to form the vocal group for fun, naming it “Straight No Chaser” because, well…they were college guys.

After they graduated in 1999, they all went on to find their own life paths. But in 2006 everything changed when a clip of one of their performances went viral on YouTube.

It led them to a record deal, which has transformed into the group having worldwide success for more than a decade.

Straight No Chaser covers a wide variety of music genres from classic rock to R&B. However, they have a specialty for bringing humor to Christmas.

“The Christmas Can-Can” was written by one of the founding members, Walter Chase, and it’s had people cracking up since its creation.

The tune’s lyrics are amusing, all while shining light on some truths about the holiday season.

Get ready for lots of “shopping, shopping, shopping” and fake Christmas trees in stores before Halloween!

One of Straight No Chaser’s epic performances of the song was captured in the video below. It’s been watched more than six million times on YouTube.

Each of the 10 members is dressed in a formal suit with a red tie for the season. When they sing together they’re like a choir of angels (with a funny streak, of course).

If you think this group is a one-trick pony that only sings though, then you’re mistaken.

Their performance is full of entertaining moves and facial expressions to go along with “The Christmas Can-Can.” Not to spoil it, but yes, there are some can-can kicks in it too!

Let’s not forget that there are other holidays besides Christmas in December (why does Santa get to have all the fun?).

Straight No Chaser made sure not to leave them out of their song.

On the tune’s own personal website it explains:

“The Christmas Can-Can comically portrays the phenomenon of the holiday season arriving earlier and earlier every year.

The song also pays homage to Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, describing the commercial imbalance of their celebrations, in comparison to Christmas.”

“The Christmas Can-Can” has become such a holiday favorite that it’s been covered by other musical groups across the globe.

Whether you’ve watched the performance 100 times or this will be your first, it’s certain to brighten your mood! A woman named Chelsea left the following comment on the video:

“Sitting here on the couch unable to breathe, tears streaming down my face and landing in my salad. This is absolute gold.”

Experience Straight No Chaser’s comical performance below!

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