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10 handsome men kick Christmas into gear with hilarious song and dance

Not since “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” was released in 1979 has a humorous Christmas song brought so many people to laughter.

“The Christmas Can-Can” by Straight No Chaser will have you quickly laughing from their humorous lyrics.

Yet, it is their performance of their Christmas song that will really have you doubling over in laughter.

The personalities of the band members are just as funny as the lyrics of the Christmas tune.

Straight No Chaser is a male a cappella band with nine members.

Yes, you read that correctly, the band has nine members. The a cappella group was originally formed at Indiana University when all the members were college students.

It started off as a fun activity during college that they left behind following graduation.

Years later they performed a reunion show at their alma mater and surprisingly were signed to Atlantic Records from clips of their reunion show going viral.

Once you watch their performance, you will quickly understand how they could have gotten a record deal from one reunion show.

These college friends have great and hilarious chemistry together.

More importantly they are all strong vocalists that harmonize beautifully, even when the lyrics are about the pitfalls and jokes of the Christmas season.

“The Christmas Can-Can” brings laughter over the many Christmas quirks that have come into our culture over the years.

“The Christmas Can-Can” was written by Straight No Chaser member, Walter Chase. The band has an entire website dedicated to the song. They state on the website that the song is about,

“…the phenomenon of the holiday season arriving earlier and earlier every year. The song also pays homage to Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, describing the commercial imbalance of their celebrations, in comparison to Christmas.”

If you are wondering about the “can-can” part of the song title, don’t worry, they try their best at actually including a kick line.

They are no Radio City Rockettes but their kick line is just as entertaining.

Many people love the holiday season but understand the absurdity that the holiday season can bring on.

Such as shopping centers being overrun by people trying to purchase the “perfect gift” or Christmas music starting during October.

Straight No Chaser has been able to sing about the parts of Christmas that are not sung about while still staying in the holiday spirit. It is as impressive as it is funny.

“The Christmas Can-Can” will get you in the holiday spirit and make you double over in laughter with its holiday honesty.

Yes, everyone shops a bit too much, other December holidays get completely overlooked because of Christmas, and Christmas music starts on the radio earlier with every year.

This is not going to change anytime soon, so it is better to just laugh and sing about it.

This performance of “The Christmas Can-Can” has been viewed over six million times and people cannot get enough of it. Some viewers commented,

“Okay so I’m at work and this came up on my amazon station and I am literally laughing out loud over here. I’m glad no one sits near me or they’d be wondering what was wrong with me. BEST SONG!!!”

“These guys have been added to my ‘Christmas Classics’ list. Amazing voices and funny!”

Watch Straight No Chaser’s hilarious Christmas tune right below.

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