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10 men bring down the house with “Little Drummer Boy”

One of the most beloved Christmas Songs is the enchanting classic “The Little Drummer Boy.”

Recorded thousands of times by many different artists over the years, the song holds a strong place in the hearts of Christmas Song lovers worldwide.

A recorded version of a song is one way to enjoy the tune but to sit in an audience and listen as some of the best drummers in the world lay down a heartfelt version of the song, you will feel it in your bones.

The folks who attended the Anaheim California’s Church of Southland Holiday performance sure felt those drums pulling their heartstrings as the Kingsmen Drum & Bugle Corps w/ a special guest drummer, performed the Christmas classic.

“The Little Drummer Boy” was written by American classical music composer Katherine Kennicott Davis back in 1941.

It was ten years later when the song was recorded that it took on a life of its own, becoming the beloved stalwart of Christmas celebrations worldwide.

In 1957, the song was recorded with a different arrangement, by Jack Halloran on an album for his “Jack Halloran Singers.” This is the arrangement that is most popular today.

The song was first recorded by the Trapp Family Singers in 1951. Yes, that’s the Trapp Family that was memorialized in the classic film “The Sound of Music.”

The Austrian singing family began their career in 1935 when the family was singing at the local church in Aigen, Austria.

They recorded Little Drummer Boy on their Decca records album “Christmas with the Trapp Family Singers.”

The song is titled “Carol Of The Drum” on the album. This recording brought the song to the ears and hearts of the world.

The drumline in this video is the Kingsmen Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps.

This group is a historic, celebrated, and highly decorated drumline that was founded in 1965.

In 1972, the group captured the first Drum Corps International Championship title which solidified the Corps in history.

The Blue Machine as they were known, no longer have new or current members, but every once in a while past members organize special performances with their alumni.

This special Christmas performance was one such event.

This Christmas event reunited members of the Kingsmen to create a mesmerizing evening of music.

They practiced for almost three months to get their drumming muscles back into shape and it really shows.

The Blue Machine was joined by members of the Church of Southland’s music group who can be seen and heard singing the spiritual words of the song.

The performance begins with the lead snare drum banging out a rhythm by striking the metal hoop with his drumstick.

The sound he makes gathers everyone’s attention before he transitions into the gentle beat of the song.

The backing group fills out the sound, playing an arrangement influenced by Josh Groban’s version of the song from his Christmas album “Noël.”

When the videographer pans to the audience you’ll catch a glimpse of Kingsmen director Mike Mekata’s as he conducts the group.

The audience is mesmerized by the rhythm of the song and the lyrics.

The arrangement builds with the drumline all joining in unison.

Their movements are highly practiced and perfected.

At several points in the song, the drummers will strike their neighbor’s drum, in what can be seen as a magnificent choreography of drumming rhythms.

There are some spectacular moments when the drummers add a signature flourish to the performance.

They twirl their sticks in unison as if they were in a Busby Berkeley musical. It’s a joy to watch.

This performance has been viewed over six million times and looks like it will keep on as a favorite version for years to come.

Several Youtubers said something similar to this …

“The drummers are so outstanding…I watch this video every year.”

Many have commented on the choreography which shows how much practice the Blue Machine alumni put into this performance.

“The choreography of the drummers is FAULTLESS.”

Near the end of the song something magical happens. A little drummer boy takes center stage in front of the Blue Machine.

He’s wearing full Kingsmen Drum & Bugle Corps regalia. This little guy is drummers Peter Yi’s six-year-old son.

He’s not only a chip off the old block, but his presence on stage brings a whole new level of meaning to the song in this performance.

Watch their spectacular performance below!

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