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100-year-old woman overcome with emotion when garbage collector shows up holding cake

All of us have grandparents.

But not all of us were given the chance to be with them.

So if you have the opportunity to spend time with them, do not waste it.

Cherish the moments you get to make with them.

Because you are blessed for being able to bond with them. After all, these people are not just the ones who took care of our parents but they are also people who love us unconditionally.

Sadly, there are elderly people who got no choice but to live alone.

Hopefully, we do our part and take the time to make them feel better as isolation and loneliness may affect their health.

It’s not easy especially now that we are facing a pandemic.

Amazingly, there are people who are willing to make time for elderly people even if they are not biologically related to them.

And elderly people really appreciate it when there are people who do this to them.

A simple conversation already makes them happy.

That’s why Mercy Ballard always looked forward to talking to Ben Bird, who was a garbage collector.

According to Ben, he and Mercy would always talk whenever he would collect garbage from Mercy.

The friendship that they have established is just heartwarming.

“I talk to her every Thursday from 8am to 8.10am and every time I walk up her garden path she will be there waiting for me,” Ben told ITV.

Ben also shared why he enjoys talking to Mercy.

“I’ve been a binman for about 11 years and love listening to her stories about her life – having been born in 1919 she can hardly believe what technology can do now and she can’t get her head round my phone.”

Because of the closeness that they have built, for Ben, Mercy is already a family.

In fact, he even promised her that he would bring her cake on her 100th birthday.

Ben made sure to keep his promise to Mercy.

On her 100th birthday, he surprised the old woman with a cake.

Thankfully, that heartwarming scene was recorded. And as expected, the clip has gone viral on social media.

Mercy’s reaction will melt your heart.

In the video, you’ll see Ben holding a cake, and as he approached Mercy, it’s very apparent that the woman got really surprised and speechless.

He also sang the birthday song for her along with his colleague.

When Mercy was about to blow her candles and make a wish, she had an adorable conversation with Ben.

He asked him about her birthday wish and told her his wish for her – and that is for her to live longer and reach 105 years old.

The video has gained millions of views and we probably know why lots of people got uplifted upon watching it.

It’s just amazing that there are people like Ben who are willing to make other people happy.

Most especially the elderly ones like Mercy who don’t want grand things.

A simple and genuine conversation already makes them happy.

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