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12 Of The Most Elaborate Halloween Home Decorations – Do You Think It’s Over-The-Top?

There are people who love Halloween and then there are people who REAAALLLLY love Halloween.

These are the people who stock up on tons of candy. About 71 percent of Americans said they will pass out a total of $2.6 billion worth of candy. There are those that start planning in the summertime and drop tons of time and/or cash on their costumes. The average American will contribute $27.33 to the $2.5 billion Halloween costume industry.

Some people will put up some lights or hang a ghost from a tree while others seriously deck out their homes. Americans will spend $1.9 billion this year on Halloween decorations and these super Halloween lovers have some next level haunted decor.

Here are some of the craziest home Halloween decorations:

1) There’s Something Strange in This Neighborhood

Apparently, it was some ghosts and they had to call the Ghostbusters about it.

2) Wedding Baby

Take the two most terrifying things in life, babies and weddings, and combine them together. This person is a genius.

3) The Spooky Parlor

With everything else that’s dead in the room, the white roses seem like an odd touch.

4) A Universal Studio Level Scare

These look like they came off of a movie set.

5) Beast House

This house looks like it would eat you alive. If the multiple eyed dragon monster beast doesn’t get you, that witch looks like she will.

6) Megatron Attacks

When you think aliens are taking over your neighborhood but it’s just your neighbor being extra for Halloween.

7) The Walking Dead of Long Island

Apparently, Rockville Center in Long Island, NY has a zombie problem.

8) Rioting Skeletons

These skeletons are holding themselves above the law.

9) When You Even Terrorize Your Family in the Bathroom

This might literally scare the crap out of you!

10) It’s Creepy and It’s Cooky, Mysterious and Spooky

This must be the home of the Adams Family.

11) That Linda Blair Doll is TOO Extra

It’s one thing to next level your Halloween decorations but it’s another thing to give your entire neighborhood nightmares for the rest of their lives.

12) The House From Hell

This house is alive and it was birthed in the bowels of hell. Apparently everything on this “Monster House” was handcrafted and ended up being a big hit with the neighborhood.

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