13-year-old shelter cat will only sleep holding hands with his new mom

Not all cats end up at shelters because they are neglected or unwanted.

13-year-old Jamie had a loving home, but his owner had to move into a nursing home and couldn’t take him, so he ended up at the RSPCA shelter in Australia.

Sadly for Jamie, he didn’t know why he was there or why he couldn’t go home – and to top it off, he was in ill health as well. He had the flu, kidney issues, and needed some work done on his teeth. The poor furry boy was in bad shape and just wanted to go home.

But once his health issues were tended to, he got a bit of himself back. Still, the shelter faced the issue of adopting out a senior cat. Most people come in looking for kittens and senior animals are often overlooked.

Lucky for Jamie, many true animal-lovers are now happy to take home senior pets to adopt so they can give great homes to those who either never had one or miss their original homes very much. So Jamie went home with a kind-hearted woman named Sarah Dempsy.

Dempsy hadn’t been seeking out a senior pet but fell in love with Jamie as soon as she saw him.

“When I first met him, he was asleep, but woke up as I bent down to look at him,” Sarah told The Dodo. “He clearly wanted some pats so I stuck my hand through the slot of the enclosure and he head-bumped me and purred. Later the staff let him out to see how he was with me and he was so affectionate.”

It sounds like Jamie had picked out Dempsey instead of the other way around!

Because the bond was clear, she ended up adopting Jamie that day and the two headed home together. And he was a VERY affectionate new addition.

Often, cats that have been traumatized or displaced can be very needy, and it sounds like Jamie may have had some issues with clinginess, which is common with cats in his situation.

The ginger Burmese cat didn’t want to leave his new mom’s side. He walked through her legs as she strolled around the apartment and meowed and purred to garner her attention, even headbutting her to make his point.

“He won’t leave my side,” she said. “He is extremely affectionate, head-bumping and weaving around my legs. He likes talking to me at night and follows me around my apartment.”

On their first day together, Jamie stuck out his little paw towards his mom’s hand as he slept and she was happy to hold it until he fell asleep. Of course, now it’s a tradition.

When Dempsy tried to remove her hand, Jamie started meowing.

“If I let go he wakes up, meows, and claws my hand back to him,” she told The Dodo. “I think we’ve bonded already.”

But at the moment, she’s happy to have a new best friend:

“I knew he’d rescue me from feeling alone, and I’d do the same for him,” she said.

When Jamie arrived at the RSPCA shelter, he was scared, sick, and unsure why he was alone.

But now, the sweet cat has found a great place to call home with a mom who will always hold his paw while he’s sleeping.

We’re so glad these two found each other!

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