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15 volunteers rescue stolen pit bull found 2000 miles away just in time for Christmas

Christmas may be wrapping up, but here is one more Christmas miracle from the season.

Everyone one loves a rescue story, especially one that comes with rescue animals, a long journey, and a happy ending.

Zeus is a pit bull mix and has a loving family in Butte, Montana, but hasn’t been home since October.

Zeus didn’t just go missing in October, he was stolen by a so called ‘friend’ of his owner’s along with a few other items of hers.

Luckily for his owner, Zeus was found still with the ‘friend’ who robbed her.

The shelter that was holding Zeus used Facetime to contact his owner to verify they had the right dog.

The smile on her face removed any doubt the shelter had about having the right person.

The only problem was that the thief was in West Virginia and his owner was still 2,000 miles away in Montana.

That left the problem of getting Zeus back to his family…

How was this dog going to make the 2,000 mile journey back to Montana? A lot of airlines have restrictions on pit bulls since they have such a bad reputation.

Zeus is a sweet dog, but he’s also a hefty 73 pounds so flying was out of the question for that reason as well.

Thats when the Christmas miracle happened.

Two organizations that heard the story didn’t waste any time- they wanted to help get this dog home to his family by Christmas.

Many Paws transport coordinated the journey across the country and Kanawha Humane Society posted updates about the journey.

It took 15 volunteers, a few overnight stops, and a lot of hope but the journey was a success!

The reunion was even sweeter than the story.

When Zeus was reunited with his family, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

His owner didn’t care that she was in front of her kids, she let the tears out.

The kids didn’t hesitate to run up to and hug their recovered furry family member, and Zeus was loving every minute of it.

He was just as happy to see them as they were to see him.

“Its wonderful. This is a great experience, a great opportunity to show the people and communities across the United States offering to help, jumping on this- to help reunite this dog with its family.” one volunteer mentioned about the journey to return Zeus.

News stations loved this story and covered it locally. Once it was posted on twitter it was shared and loved by anyone that read it.

That saying “life isn’t about the destination, it’s the journey” doesn’t really apply to Zeus’s life.

He’s happy to be back in his family’s arms more than anything, and luckily he’ll be spending his Christmas there too.

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