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15 years after horse helped him conquer his loneliness, veteran decides to pay him back

When Ezphia Rennock left the army in 2007, he thought he’d never see his horse again. Years later, he got an amazing second chance.

In the year 2000, Ezphia Rennock was a teenager in Britain who was looking for a career.

So he looked into the armed services and saw that there was a chance that he could become a member of the Queen’s Guard.

He was accepted.

Early on in his training, his superiors assigned to him a horse called Agricola.

Agricola was also new, but he had already gained a reputation for being a troublemaker.

The superiors thought that Rennock would struggle to cope with the horse. They were wrong.

Agricola bonded with Rennock.

The other members of the Queen’s guard were amazed to see this horse, who had been a rebel, become tame under Rennock’s guidance.

And of course, Rennock and Agricola became more than just colleagues.

They also formed a strong friendship. In fact, Rennock would talk with Agricola every day.

He even joked to the horse about adopting him once they had both entered civilian life.

For seven years, Rennock and Agricola escorted and protected many British royal family members, including the Queen herself.

When the royals were staying at Buckingham Palace, Rennock and Agricola would be outside, ensuring that the palace was guarded.

They also participated in a range of important royal events, including the Queen Mother’s funeral and Princess Margaret’s funeral.

Additionally, they would sometimes be assigned to protect royal family members from other countries when they were participating in official visits.

Rennock eventually met a girl, Kirsty. So now Agricola had to share Rennock’s affection with a human.

Rennock and Kirsty eventually decided to start a family. But Rennock soon discovered that his career was getting in the way of his family life.

With a heavy heart, Rennock decided to retire from the Queen’s Guard and find a career that would let him spend more time with his family.

Naturally, this meant saying goodbye to Agricola.

Rennock was devastated to be leaving the animal that had been with him for almost his entire career.

But thanks to his hard work, Agricola would be a loyal, well-mannered horse for his next handler.

Agricola continued to work for the British royals.

He was one of the horses who followed Prince William and Kate Middleton on their wedding day.

In 2016, the Queen’s Guard decided that Agricola would only have a few more years of service left.

They set his retirement date for the year 2019. Naturally, one of Rennock’s former colleagues informed Rennock of this news.

In 2019, Rennock and his family decided to visit London to see how Agricola was doing.

Naturally, Rennock was excited. But it had been over a decade since the horse had seen him. He didn’t want to get his hopes up.

Then Rennock went into Agricola’s stables. Agricola ran right up to him.

“It was a really emotional moment. He recognized me instantly. It sounds odd, but it was as if I hadn’t ever left.” – Ezphia Rennock.

Rennock knew that Agricola would soon be up for adoption. But the adoption process worked via a closed bid.

He had no idea who was bidding or what they were bidding.

So Rennock bid £1,000. And he also sent a letter explaining how he had been Agricola’s first handler and how much the horse meant to him.

Then Rennock heard back from the Queen’s Guard. They said that someone else had bid £5,000. But they also knew that Agricola would be happiest with Rennock.

So they did something unprecedented. They refused the higher bid and gave Agricola to Rennock.

Now, Rennock and Agricola get to see each other almost every day. They have many happy years together ahead.

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