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16 animals expressions that perfectly capture what motherhood is all about

There are millions of books about what to expect as a first-time mom and how to cope that first year, but the truth is that nothing you read can prepare you for motherhood. And nothing you read can prepare you for all of the emotions that come with it. From intense love and joy, to equally as intense frustration and confusion, motherhood is just one of those things in life where you just have to roll with the punches.

These 16 animals’ expressions perfectly sum up what it means to be a mom, and demonstrate quite clearly how much of a rollercoaster ride motherhood can be!

1. Just Let Me Sleep.

As a new mom, you’ll take sleep when you can–even if that means sleeping while feeding!

Cheers to you moms out there, for being excellent multitaskers!


2. Is This Is My Life Now?

Accept it – you have become a slave to all of your children’s wants, needs, and everything in between. Yes, this is your life right now, but the good news is, it only lasts for 18 years.


3. But I Wouldn’t Trade It For Anything.

For all the complaining that we as moms do, we know the truth, and that is that we wouldn’t trade a single second for anything in the world.


4. That Moment When Realization Strikes.

There comes a moment, as a new mom, when realization strikes and you wonder what the heck you just got yourself into.

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