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2 Girls Take The Stage For Duet, Crowd Loses It When They Hear Their Unique Voices Merge

Two girls take the stage while the piano softly plays in the background. Those in the audience knew the girls were talented, but there was something really special about to happen that the crowd wasn’t anticipating.

When the two girls harmonize, singing the classic song “I Dreamed A Dream,” the effect is almost magical. For those watching on television, the sweet tones of their voices both surprised listeners and captured their hearts.


That’s why both of them have gone on to become successful in their experience as musicians. A-yeon Baek and Jihoon Shin are both talented singers independently.

Jihoon, shown on the left in this video, is multi-talented. She is also a figure skater and actress in addition to being a singer.


Now she is appearing on season two of a singing competition called KPOPSTAR. She made it to the final six of multiple contestants.

But her career began to launch despite not making it to the final round of the show. Now, she releases singles and gains popularity because of her fantastic range and unique voice.


Her equally talented duet partner, A-yeon, is also a popular singer. After appearing on the first season of KPOPSTAR, she returns to sing this beautiful rendition of “I Dreamed A Dream.”

Many love the song as a true classic, but when it is sung in duet form, it takes on a new level of sincerity and depth. The sound coming from these two girls is so sweet.


You’ll be astounded at how beautiful their vocals are. Listen for yourself and see what you think!

If you are anything like the thousands of listeners who adore this video, you are going to love it, too!

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