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3 Men Surround Frail Elderly Couple When Cop Confronts Them Capturing Stirring Sight She Won’t Forget

Acts of kindness don’t have to be huge or showy.

They don’t have to involve famous people or large amounts of money to be worthy of the world’s attention.

Sometimes, just a simple act can inspire others to look beyond appearances and be less judgmental.

Three young men saw an old couple struggling to get into their car. Without hesitation, they helped this couple they didn’t know.

Their actions were caught on camera by an officer and immediately became an inspiration to many people.

Joc Koe Stoe, Marty, and Freddie G were just buying soda and chips at a gas station in Williston, Florida when they spotted a couple in trouble.

Rose and David Griest were on their way to Orlando for Rose’s medical appointment. They decided to take a break at the gas station.

The trouble began, however, when they tried to get back inside their SUV. The two are no longer young.

In fact, David is over a hundred years old. His wife, Rose, is 101-years-old. According to 26-year-old Joc Koe, they saw the old couple having problems and decided to help them without second thoughts.

Rose was shaking and could hardly stay on her feet. Two of the young men helped her inside, while the other handled the walker and gave it to David.

He also warned the older man to watch his feet. While this was going on, a police officer passed by and saw the scene.

Officer Kanesha Carnegie of the Levy County Sheriff’s Office was about to offer a helping hand. But she then decided against it when she realized that the three young man had everything under control.

So instead, Officer Carnegie decided to record the entire thing.

The three were locally known rappers, and Officer Carnegie knew they were good guys in the neighborhood. During an interview with Fox 5 DC, she said:

“I know these men from the neighborhood, and I wanted them to have that moment to show who they really are.”

The police officer uploaded the video on her Facebook, where it has garnered more than 4.9 million views.

Rose and David’s grandson, Tommy, also stated that his grandparents don’t use social media. Had they seen the video, though, they would be very happy.

When the three young men helped them, David was very happy. He wished the Good Samaritans luck and blessings.

The young men, meanwhile, were greatly impressed that David and Rose were still up and about and traveling at such an old age!

A simple act of kindness can go viral and inspire others to find goodness in the smallest deeds.

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