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3-year-old adorably reads to little brother using sign language

If you have brothers or sisters, you’ve probably experienced having a fight with them especially when you were still little.

Don’t fret because many could surely relate.

It’s actually pretty common for many siblings to argue even over the silliest things.

But of course, these fights that you’ve had with them will never beat the special moments you’ve shared together.

Even when you are just sitting beside them while enjoying your comfort food or you pretend that you’re superheroes – those simple moments will surely remain unforgettable and special.

Good thing, it’s no longer hard to record and store these kinds of moments with the help of technology.

Just like what this mom did.

She recorded her two sons having a special bonding together.

The older brother was reading a book to his little bro. The said clip was posted on YouTube and it has gained over 500,000 views.

Wondering why it has gone viral?

Well, aside from the cute faces of these two little boys, the way the older brother reads to his younger sibling will undoubtedly melt your heart.

As the older boy starts to open the book, we can see that the younger brother is already excited about it.

Another adorable thing about the video is they don’t just read the book, the older brother is also using sign language.

Apparently, the little one was having fun as he could keep up with every sign that his adorable teacher was doing. He also tries to pronounce every word his brother would utter.

Aside from the colors, they also talked about the animals they could see on every page such as dog and frog.

Every time the little brother gets the sign and speaks the word correctly, he would flash his precious smile.

Now we know why thousands of people have watched this video. If you’re not in the mood right now, it would surely make you feel a lot better.

Moreover, it says in the video that signing makes reading a book more enjoyable. And obviously, we can see that while watching this viral video.

It turns out that sign language has lots of possible benefits for toddlers.

According to Healthline, it possibly can make it easier to understand and use spoken words especially those kids from 1 to 2 years old.

Aside from that, it can feasibly lessen the crying in infants.

Using sign language may also lead to better bonding for the parents and their children.

Lastly, there’s a potential that the IQ of the kid who uses it would increase.

This is probably one of the reasons why these two brothers could easily learn the pronunciation and signs of words.

How to teach kids sign language?

It’s suggested to start to teach them as early as they’re 6 months old but it’s never too late to teach them if they’re older now.

Nowadays, there are many sources and tutorials that you can find online.

Try to study them and you can share it with your kids right after.

You can spend even a few minutes per day teaching them.

Who knows? Both of you and your child might have fun with this activity too.

Enjoy watching them in the adorable video below!

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