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3-year-old leads his preschool class in a heartwarming prayer

Taking care of toddlers may not always be a walk in the park but it’s definitely a grand adventure.

You have your fair share of meltdowns and arguments, but you also get more than enough hugs and kisses to compensate for it all.

There are also quite a lot of surprising moments that will make your heart swell with pride – moments that bring developmental milestones, or highlight good, impressive behavior which you didn’t think would stick.

See, toddlers between two to three years old aren’t merely curious and playful.

They desire to be more independent. While this means more “no’s” and hints of defiance (which they don’t really intend to show), it also means significant progress and learning.

You may want to pull your hair out and scream internally multiple times a day or even take a vacation from it all, but then you’ll realize just how crazy wonderful this stage in both your lives really is.

There are more sweet days than sour ones, really, and while it’s always exhausting at the end of each day, the chaos and love from it all is far more rewarding.

While most parents do a lot of research on how to navigate the toddler years with positive parenting, the most overlooked happens to be the most simple.

Books and articles just don’t emphasize enough how smart toddlers are.

We’re not just talking about their ability to identify shapes and color, memorize nursery rhymes by heart, and even pick up after themselves.

Intelligence can also be seen in how they communicate, interact, and respond to different situations.

Teachers and parents see this most often in the first year of school.

With this new experience comes more training and independence, and a healthy environment for toddlers to be truly themselves while learning more everyday.

How delightful it must be to see different personalities shining!

Take this lovable three-year-old who confidently led his Pre-K class in prayer before lunch.

Makhi Martin did not simply recite a traditional prayer that most kids have memorized.

With his hands clasped and eyes closed, Makhi uttered a sincere prayer that was clearly from the heart.

It was heartwarming to hear him speak such sweet words. Moreover, to hear the rest of his class praying in chorus.

“Father God, We thank you for this food. We ask you to bless it.

Make it nourishment to our bodies.

Bless all the boys and girls all over the world to receive food. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

With his short prayer, Makhi did not just ask the Lord to bless the food he and the rest of the class were about to eat.

He prayed for all the boys and girls all over the world that they be blessed with food, too.

The short video clip of the little boy leading his classmates in prayer immediately went viral, touching hearts everywhere.

It was just the kind of positive, inspiring content people needed to see in these confusing times.

Listen to Makhi’s wonderful prayer by watching the video below.

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