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3-year-old performs the routine of a lifetime, wowing the crowd with her Irish dance

Irish dance is loved by many around the world.

Its high steps, kicks, and prancing moves have entertained crowds for years.

So, when a three-year-old performed at an Irish dance competition, viewers online couldn’t get enough.

A performance beyond her years

Dancer Ailismae Millar has been performing solo Irish dance routines since she was two-years-old, but it was her performance at the age of three that got her the most attention.

The video, which was posted on YouTube has been viewed over 4.6 million times.

Millar looked so cute in her traditional Irish garb

The video was of Millar’s first feis, an Irish dance competition. In the video, Millar wore a traditional Irish dress as she prepared to perform before the crowd.

As she stood there, viewers of the video couldn’t get over how cute she looked.

A very talented toddler

Millar showed a level of talent beyond her years as she danced across the pavement, leading to viewers praising her level of skill.

“I’m a world champion and when I entered my first competition, I wasn’t even that good, well done,” one commenter said.

Millar showed off her talent

Even though the recital was a little chaotic, Millar held her own as she performed to the song “Lucky Corn” performed by Liam Green.

As her teacher leads her out to begin her routine, the gathered crowd cheers her on.

A little shy at first, her nerves seem to go away as she begins to dance. Her devotion to her craft is evident as she dances across the floor.

She especially wows with her impeccable footwork, and even though the dance is over quickly it is enough time to show off her talent.

A life of dance

To accentuate her performance, Millar points her toe as she gives a little bow, with a little prodding from her teacher.

Millar went on to continue competing as a professional dancer, even placing 16th in her age bracket (under 11) at the North American Nationals in 2018.

Millar also attended the Broesler School of Irish Dance, located in Westwood, New Jersey. While there she won the Eileen Broesler Memorial Scholarship.

And while you might not have thought by watching her dance at three that she would be such a huge success.

It just goes to show her dedication to her craft. Fortunately for us, someone was there to get it all on video.

You can watch the video of her viral performance below.

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