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4 handsome men move hearts with Celine Dion cover

What do you get when you put four irresistibly handsome tenors together with a super hit song that is loved the world over?

Add to that a quadruple shot of gratitude for the great dads of the world and you get a beautiful piece of art that will have you celebrating the fathers in your life.

The Gentlemen of Gentri

Gentri, which is short for The Gentlemen Trio, is a trio of tenors who joined as a group in 2014 and have since taken the world by storm with their powerful harmonies.

The group’s website explains their musical style.

“Pioneering a signature sound they call “Cinematic Pop,” the music of GENTRI is transfused with lush, epic orchestrations and rich, dynamic three-part harmonies all composed by the group’s producer Stephen Nelson.”

Elliot grew up in Bountiful, Utah where he found his calling with music.

“Growing up in a musical family, Casey’s love for music started at a young age as he watched and learned from his parents, accomplished musicians themselves.”

Robins was raised in Centerville, Utah loving sports before he found his passion for singing and acting.

“… thanks to some incredible teachers, little to nothing could hold him back from getting on stage any way he could.”

Lever from Salt Lake City, Utah began his singing career when he was young.

“Critics and audiences alike have lauded his powerful high tenor voice, and his talents continue to bring him to venues across the United States and abroad.”

Nelson is a composer, producer, and songwriter for the group, also known as the guy behind the piano.

“… he has written and produced for major corporations, charity organizations, Disney, and Sony Masterworks.”

Featuring Jay Warren

Warren is an incredibly talented recording artist who hails from Salt Lake City, Utah.

“He has been involved with music from a very young age as he started singing in his school and church choirs at the age of 8 years old.”

“Because You Loved Me”

Celine Dion released this chart-topping, worldwide hit on February 20, 1996.

The song was written by Diane Warren and has sold over two million copies in the United States alone.

The song is a real heartwarmer as the protagonist pays tribute to a loved one who gave him strength, a voice, and encouragement to help make him who he is today.

Gentri takes the tune to an exceptional new place with their amazing tenor voices in harmony and each taking a solo throughout.

With the featured addition of Jay Warren, the song reaches stunning heights.

The video gives a special appreciation to fathers.

The heartfelt stories in this music video touch on the love a father has for his children, and how we could all do better by expressing thanks and gratitude to our loved ones.

The music video was directed by Wendy Santiano and produced by Brad Robins. The video made its debut on Father’s Day 2020.

Youtubers are in love with this Trio, their salute to fathers, and this version of Celine Dion’s hit.

“You guys did it again! So well performed. Loved everything about it.”

“I had a lot of fights with my dad but we still love each other unconditionally.”

“This is the best cover I’ve ever seen.”

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