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4 teens grooving to 60’s music bring laughter when music changes

I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time, they are awesome.

High school. Such an important time in life and yet when we were there, we didn’t realize it.

It’s the time where new friendships are made, bonds deepened, talents discovered, and tons of memories are made. Go ahead and look back. Right?

And what’s the most memorable event in high school? Prom night! That’s equivalent to their first authorized late night party.

There’s loud music, stylish outfits, awesome food, and lots of fun.

It’s a night of dancing!

These four guys from Germany put on a little dance number during prom night but they had no idea how much their video would take over the internet. They call themselves Teen Titan Crew.

Brown pants, suspenders and white shirts was the choice of clothing but they did not, repeat, did not disappoint. No one in that school expected them to do this.

The new evolution of dance.

That’s the title. But once they got underway, it was clear that the boys put in the hours for this one.

It starts of with “Stand by me” by Seal before switching to Chubby Checker’s “Let’s twist again“.

The dance is pretty much what the song and its era was about. A bit interpretative here with a taste of modern.

They’ve been rehearsing a lot.

And they certainly feel good about it! That’s James Brown’s “I feel good” complete with the hip twisting and gyrating motion of that time. Which the boys do well, let’s admit it.

The songs change every few seconds and by now it was clear that this really is about the evolution of music and dance.

We’re talking from the sixties, to the seventies, the eighties and onwards.

Not pros but bros!

This was all about having fun and no one cared if one or the other wasn’t in sync.

Just dance it out! Can you imagine the level of research to pull this off? Each song, each dance from that era, and the selection of tunes the audience will appreciate takes time!

From Funky Town to The time of my life, to Ice Ice Baby. There’s no time to pause and catch a breather!

The best part is that these boys never expected such fame for something they threw together for their classmates. They wrote on their Facebook page,

“Awesome!!! 100 000 clicks 😀 Omg that’s just soooo cool 😀 we never expected that 😀 Many thanks to all who watched and spread the video ^_^ you are the best :)”

That’s translated from German. But they are ehrfurcht gebietend!

From MC Hammer’s “Can’t touch this“, to the Macarena, to Uptown Girl, to the hits of the 90s and beyond, they’ve got it all! Listen well and you can hear their audience cheering along.

Want to bet they were dancing too?

Beyonce, Britney, Carly Rae… Psy? Oppa Gangnam Style! You bet they did it! These guys are fantastic!

That’s how you make prom night memorable! Let’s hope they’ve got more in store for us. Evolution never stops after all.

Now this is evolution with a twist.

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