5-year-old prodigy takes cue from conductor then commands everyone’s attention

At five years old, most children think about going to school, having fun and playing around with friends.

But, with little Akim Camara from Berlin, his everyday routine will not be complete without playing the violin. In fact, he started playing the violin at the tender age of two!

Akim was only two years old and not even out of diapers when he received his first violin lesson from no other than Birgit Thiele at the Marzahn-Hellersdorf School of Music.

He was still doing baby talk and yet, he can remember melodies and even the instruments being played.

Akim’s prodigal talent for music is incredibly inspiring that his instructor started to give him 45-minute lessons for twice a week.

He had an ear for music and his teacher wanted to nourish his budding talent.

Birgit Thiele was totally amazed by the two-year-old Akim that she, along with the school’s music principal Gudrun Mueller, told celebrity violinist André Rieu through his website about the child’s incredible talent. The Dutch star violinist replied really quickly.

He sent out a camera crew to Akim’s hometown in Berlin so that they can film him as he played.

When André finally saw the footage, he was dumbfounded.

He immediately contacted Akim and his family and brought them in his studio in the Netherlands so he could witness the young boy play the violin live.

Everyone, including André and his orchestra, was utterly amazed by the toddler’s performance. At that moment, the Dutch violin superstar knew that he wanted to bring little Akim with him in his concerts.

The boy had his first concerto at the age of three alongside André. After that, the rest of their collaboration was, as they say, is history.

When Akim was five years old, he had another momentous concert with André Rieu that made a lasting impression to everyone who had the chance to witness their collaboration.

In this concert, he played alongside the Dutch celebrity violinist’s Johann Strauss Orchestra while being conducted by André Rieu himself.

Akim definitely caught the audience’s heart and they were all amazed at how good he was in playing the violin. For such a tiny child, Akim was undeniably a great talent!

The little boy was performing like a professional and everyone in the room from André to his orchestra to the very last person in the back of the theater were stunned with the boy’s incredible talent.

He was definitely a musical prodigy whose music will forever be etched in the hearts of his audience.

The audience just could not stop smiling as they listen to the boy’s heartfelt music. Felix Mendelssohn’s “Dance of the Fairies” is not an easy melody to play with but Akim totally nailed it.

Jaws dropped as the little violinist performed and we can’t really blame the audience because he is quite a fantastic musician!

Akim has the ability to learn a musical piece after hearing it once or twice and this fact about him is only one of the things that make him an amazing boy.

His love for music at such a young age is also something that people would commend about him. His performances are filled with heart and for a little guy, achieving this kind of level is definitely something to be inspired from.

His performance of “Dance of the Faeries” was only one of the performances that made Akim Camara a famous name in the field of music. He is all grown up now but he is definitely pursuing his life-long passion.

And if only for this, we can all say that Akim is a truly inspiring young man for knowing what brings him joy and following the path to fulfill his musical dream.

Watch the fantastic video below of Akim’s performance and be amazed.

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