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5-year-old’s delicate dance to “Angel” scores 1st place overall

The world is fascinated by dance and amazed by those who are extremely talented in the art form.

So it’s no wonder that reality shows like Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance have captivated viewers for more than a decade.

Even the internet is bursting at the seams with dance performances that take our breath away – including the one below.

Audrina Mossembekker is a young dancer from the state of California. But when you see how skilled she is on stage, you might be surprised that she’s only five-years-old!

The performance in the video comes from the 2020 Rainbow National Dance Competition in San Gabriel.

When many of us think of attending a dance recital for little kids we picture adorable mishaps occurring throughout the show.

This, however, is different. At this type of level, even the young dancers take their performances very seriously.

For Audrina’s solo routine, she’s wearing a gorgeous white costume and begins by kneeling on the stage.

As soon as Sarah McLachlan’s song “Angel” comes through the speakers she starts moving gracefully to the lyrics.

It’s clear it’s going to be a heavenly performance.

Not only does the youngster look like a tiny angel on stage dressed in her glittery costume – but her moves are expressive and pair well with the song.

She appears to say a prayer and raises her hands up to the sky.

She has some incredible skills.

The five-year-old attends the Orange County Performance Arts Academy and is trained in various styles of dance.

Audrina’s “Angel” routine includes tumbling, which she’s very good at!

At one point she does an aerial across the stage (a technique that doesn’t look easy to master). She’s also quite flexible too.

She’s made many achievements as a dancer.

According to the youngster’s Instagram page, she’s been in numerous competitions and has even been featured in dance magazines.

As to be expected, it looks like Audrina puts in a lot of hard work and is dedicated to her passion.

She told Dance Feature Magazine:

“Dance has taught me that I am very brave and highly capable.”

Audrina’s emotional routine and the song blend beautifully together.

McLachlan’s 1997 tune “Angel” is one that pulls on listeners’ heartstrings.

It’s been covered by numerous talented artists over the years including Susan Boyle and Jackie Evancho. McLachlan even performed a stunning duet of “Angel” with Josh Groban at one of the Live 8 concerts.

Needless to say, having “Angel” in the background while Audrina dances makes the performance even more divine.

This girl will leave you mesmerized.

It’s impossible not to be blown away by the child’s flexibility and talent for dance.

A lot of people don’t find their passion when they’re as young as Audrina – but from what it seems, she was born for the stage!

She sparkles in the spotlight.

According to the announcer, Audrina was competing to be Rainbow’s “mini-dancer of the year” (her routine was choreographed by Rachel Ruhe).

Once you see Audrina in action you might not be stunned to hear that she ended up placing 1st in her category. Bravo, kiddo!

Press play below to see Audrina’s breathtaking performance for yourself.

She’s definitely got a bright future ahead!

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