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5 Young Boys Line Up And Unleash Cover From “The Greatest Showman” That Has Internet Awestruck

The sight of young children singing together is a never-ending spark of joy.

this breathtaking performance, five young boys demonstrate their wonderful singing voices in the sight of their many proud parents.

Their choice of repertoire, “A Million Dreams,” is part of the film soundtrack from 2017’s The Greatest Showman, starring Hugh Jackman.

The Greatest Showman follows the age old tale of a person’s hard work and passion as they pursue a dream, with mistakes to learn from and people to meet along the way.

Its musical numbers are beautifully choreographed and written, and the cast proves that they are capable of doing justice to the grace and awe of the film’s soundtrack.

Boasting an ensemble cast, The Greatest Showman is the story of a circus owner’s life, P.T Barnum, as he runs his famous circus (referred to as “The Greatest Show”) with the help of a dedicated playwright, Zac Efron’s Phillip Carlyle at his side.

The film’s critical reception was far from exceptional, however its numerous musical compositions proved exceedingly popular with viewers.

Musical films have always been a treat, particularly to people who recognize the beauty and art of singing.

Look no further than the countless covers of songs from musical films across the internet all within the past decade.

While many people think The Greatest Showman may have had its shortcomings in its plot, it definitely more than makes up for this in its spectacular musical numbers, all of which are performed with awe-inspiring and breathtaking skill by the cast.

Made possible through hours upon hours of practice, the arrangement from this choral group of young boys is a wonderful tribute to the original.

People always welcome covers of a musical film’s soundtrack, and this young choral group has definitely delivered on that with a wonderful cover of one of the film’s iconic songs.

The difficulty and practice it takes to become a skillful singer should be something most people are familiar with.

Countless hours are dedicated to vocal scales and warm ups, and the terrible stage fright and occasional failure by no means makes things easier.

These young boys prove that they are capable of hard work and practice.

The sound of all their voices together is enough to evoke smiles, and their confidence in performing publicly together is both impressive and inspiring.

They were eager to not only showcase the vocal skills that they’d spent countless hours practicing, but also their skill at singing together in beautiful harmony.

Enjoy their hard work of practice below along with their wonderful talent.

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