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6 Baby Pugs Cuddle Up To One Another

Slumber parties are the best. As a kid for your first time or as a grownup staying over a few nights to visit friends or family in another town.

It’s fun to spend time with one another, get to know each other better or catch-up if it’s been a while.

There’s no rush to leave, plus it’s nice to feel welcome to stay.

And stay, and make themselves comfortable, they did! These six baby pugs are “partying” up a storm, looking all warm and cuddly together!

In this video, the owner walks in to discover all of her pups sleeping like logs, nestled into each other on a blanket.

One is on his back, while the others are head to paw curled up around one another.

Another pup has her paws in the air, and another is bent and crooked but appears to be just fine!

One thing is for sure, all of these sweetie pie pugs are sleeping soundly as they venture far off into dreamland.

Their loud snores say it all! It’s got to be tough being such an animated and fun breed.

Pugs are known to be personable and expressive, and that probably takes up a lot of energy!

So to charge their batteries, a group nap does a pug a whole lot of good. This communal nap is just too good!

Click below to get in on the party!

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