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6 Dancers Stand In Formation. Seconds Later Leave Crowd Stunned When They Go Flying Thru The Air

Mankind’s urge to fly has been transfixed in our imaginations for millennia.

Ancient Tibetan texts tell us stories of Buddhist mystics who have taken off in joyful flight by using nothing other than the power of their very enlightened minds.

In present times, Shaolin monks have come pretty close to mastering the art of flying with their martial arts practice.

But, it turns out that the key to our flying powers may actually be found in the extraordinary world of competitive synchronized dancing. Yeah, dancing!

We’ve seen synchronized swimming and ice skating, but this group of male Japanese dancers takes it to a whole new level.

Their stunning routine starts off with graceful ballet-like moves, but then they kick it up a notch by suddenly taking flight into the air!

The precision and timing of their dives, splits, and mid-air jumps make it seem like you’re watching a computer animation.

After doing a series of smooth and fluid double back-flips, the men gently glide down to the ground as if gravity didn’t exist.

Don’t be surprised if the first words out of your mouth are, “No way, that’s not possible!”

Those unbelievable slow-motion scenes from Hollywood action films like “The Matrix” actually exist in real life.

These dancers are incredibly light on their feet and they make flying slowly through the air look effortless.

From time to time there are performances that can make one rethink the limits of human potential, and leave you with a sense of awe and the inspiration.

Check out the mind-blowing video below to see the most amazing synchronized dancers in the world.

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