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6 Lovely Ballerinas Take The Stage To Perform, But 1 Dancer Has The Crowd In Hysterics

One ballet routine had a powerful way of triggering emotions in the audience that no one expected to feel when watching.

At the Vienna State Opera, the audience knew that they were going to witness something beautiful, but what they didn’t know was that there was a delightful surprise about to be revealed.

Professional ballerinas such as these never fail to bring a pleasant atmosphere, graceful dance moves, and overall wonderful experience for the audience to remember.

Although they certainly brought all of these things to the dance floor, their imaginative routine brought so much more, all due to a single ballerina with a big secret.

Just like any other form of art, dance is one that constantly requires something new in order to stand out among the rest.
Sure, the classic ballet moves are beautiful, just as a painting of a seascape or mountain view is, but being on the creative side of things, the ballerinas wanted to take their form of art to the next level.

If an artist wants to make an impression, oftentimes he or she will add in a bold color or new perspective to a painting. In the same way, these ballerinas used something bold in order to stand out, which was an unfamiliar emotion.

The audience wasn’t expecting to find humor in the beauty of dance, but they certainly did with this inspiring routine.

Funny is not typically a word which describes ballerinas. Now, keep your eye on the dancer wearing glasses.

You may just come to find how funny they are when willing to mix things up a bit. With a little humor and a whole lot of grace, they delivered an unforgettable routine.

Watch this moving performance in the video below to see it all for yourself. You will soon find yourself laughing along with the audience.

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