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7-Year-Old Girl Tormented By Bully For A Year. Then Bikers Go To Her Home And Protect Her.

Social media today is one of the biggest influences for people, businesses, and organizations. A simple photograph or bout of words has the power to reach millions all over the world, gaining immense viral attention. And even though there are several negative connotations to this notion, there is also an equal amount of positive things that can arise from the use of social media.

Today, you’ll read about a heartwarming story that all began with Facebook. A young girl named Ashley, only 7 years old, admitted to her mother, Christine, that she was being bullied by an 11-year-old boy in her neighbourhood, and that it had been going on for several months. Her mother, hoping to make a difference, set up a Facebook page so that awareness could be brought to the subject of bullying. And boy, it definitely did make a difference!

A group of bikers gathered together and decided that they would visit Christine and Ashley’s home with their bikes in order to show solidarity and support.

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