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76-year-old coping with the loss of a loved one looks decades younger after makeover

Want to see someone lose 25 years off their appearance in under two minutes?

Then watch this video because it is one of the most incredible transformations I have ever seen.

I have seen a lot of videos by Makeover Guy Christopher Hopkins, but this by far is my favorite.

I’d like to think he did an extra special job because his client had recently had a rough go and really deserved to feel better on the inside and out.

Pheobe came all the way from Vermont to get her makeover from The Makeover Guy himself at his Minneapolis salon.

And Pheobe had quite the tale to tell when she arrived. This woman was a fighter and had gone through so much.

“I moved from a place I had lived in for 49 years and that was a major change for me,” she explained. “Actually, it was so devastating I got sick from it. But I recuperated.”

Unfortunately, Pheobe was called to use her strength to overcome once again when her son died from pancreatic cancer on Thanksgiving Day.

Though this was a terrible tragedy for Pheobe she, once again, found the strength to carry on in a new world.

“I’m feeling pretty good at the moment,” she told Hopkins in the video of her makeover. “I’m living day by day really and coping with a new way of life.”

And Pheobe was about to feel even better once her makeover was complete.

“I’m so confident with Christopher’s expertise. I watched many videos and I just think he gets it,” Pheobe said.

And Hopkins really did a number on this woman. But that’s his thing.

That’s what he’s known for.

Hopkins, an entrepreneur, entertainer, performer, social media star, and author, is best known for his extremely drastic makeovers.

Hopkins became very popular for his makeovers that were featured on television shows like Oprah in the 90s.

That’s because the people he was making over were pretty much rendered as a completely different human beings by the time Hopkins was done with them.

The same could be said for Pheobe.

The 76-year-old looked unrecognizable by the time Hopkins finished her makeover.

Pheobe started out with a head of dark grey hair that just barely hit her shoulders and had a long side bang that was parallel fell with her ear.

What she ended up with was a cut that was slightly short and full of voluminous layers with full frontal bangs.

The color is a gorgeous auburn or strawberry blonde color.

And with some very light makeup, her face had a lively blow.

She literally looks like she is 25 years younger.

I’m not sure that her makeover could have been any better.

It was absolutely perfect and you could see that all over Pheobe’s face when she was digging her new look.

“I had a wonderful day today,” Pheobe said. “Absolutely wonderful! I feel rejuvenated really. I’ve seen the trasnformations and now I’m actually realizing it. I feel like a movie star!”

Check out Pheobe’s new movie star look in the video below.

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