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78-Year-Old Woman Gives Self A Sultry Makeover Turning Heads Looking Decades Younger

Aging dramatically changes how a person looks. From soft and supple skin, older people have to deal with age spots, wrinkles, and saggier skin as they age.

Those things can easily affect the way they perceive themselves. Good thing there’s makeup.

For Joann Hopkins, the mother of makeup artist Christopher Hopkins who owns the Christopher Hopkins Image Center, it makes all the difference.

In fact, she loves wearing makeup that she doesn’t take it off- even when she sleeps.

The only time she takes off her makeup is in the morning.

She’d clean it off and apply a fresh new look. While that’s not ideal, she prefers wearing makeup to bed because she wants to constantly look beautiful to her loved ones.

Going to bed with makeup on can cause problems for the skin.

For one, it can cause clogged pores and acne. It also damages skin cells, contributing to premature skin aging.

The skin gets dull and its ability to repair itself slows down, too.

Joann was lucky enough to not have to experience all those side effects of sleeping with makeup.

If you take a closer look, you’ll see how well she’s aging.

Even at her age, she wears makeup like her younger self and she has no problems with that.

Even if there are people who’d question what she puts on her face, she doesn’t care and that’s really important.

People should be able to be themselves and do the things they love without others questioning them.

Apart from that she looks stunning for her age, she does her makeup really well, too.

She’s so used to the process of applying cosmetics on her face that she seems like a pro.

Even though one side of her face was slightly higher than the other, she doesn’t have much problem creating an even result.

Her lipstick and eye makeup were just on point. Even her brows were great! It’s no wonder where her son got his talent from.

The MakeOverGuy shares:

“This is what I watched every day growing up and it still fascinates me.

You can tell where I get my inspiration. I will always see her as she appears after.”

Children look after their parents the most. What they see them do influence their choices in life somehow.

While some take that on a positive note, some don’t.

The good thing was that Christoper had positive influences in his life and his mother is one of them.

Joann’s transformation with her makeup skills is just really amazing.

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