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8-month old twin babies have sweetest dance moves for singing mom

Is there anything cuter than a couple of twin babies?

How about a couple of twin babies sitting on a bed and dancing to their mom’s singing?

Yup, that’s cuter.

When these two babies hear their mom start performing the theme tune to the 1980’s TV Drama Eastenders, they can’t help but smile and move along with the groove.

It’s amazing when you realize just how quickly humans develop.

At such a young age, these two little girls already have the ability to hear and perceive sound as music and have enough motor control to move their bodies in a way that follows the vibrations of the sounds.

According to Kiddie Academy, “Babies can start kicking to music as early as 0-6 months old.”

But what these two little girls are doing is much more impressive than just kicking to some music.

Granted they are older than 6 months so they should be doing more at this point.

According to Hifivebaby, babies begin to dance at around 14 months.

And this is a good thing.

Because dancing does more for developing babies than just affording them a bit of fun.

Hifivebaby also states that “It helps their creativity and development. It’s also a good way of expressing themselves, and it even helps improve their sense of coordination.”

So if you or someone you know has a baby that’s around dancing age, make sure that they are encouraged to dance!

There are lots of ways to encourage them.

For one, you always want to give them positive feedback when they start to dance.

This will keep them motivated to keep on dancing and working on those motor skills.

You should also clear a space for them to dance.

Although they are working on their coordination through dance, it doesn’t mean that it’s totally there yet.

By removing any hard or sharp surfaces from a dancing area, it allows your baby to dance freely without fear of injury.

It can also be a good idea to let your baby pick the music that they want to listen to.

Humans inherently know how to dance and we all have preferences to what type of music we like to dance to.

For your baby to get the most out of their dancing sessions, allowing them to dance to what they enjoy is the best practice.

You may be wondering, how do I let my 14-month-old pick a song to dance to?

Well, try playing a few songs and see which one that they respond to the most.

They know what they like, just like you know what you like as well.

When it comes to twins, they should have no problem dancing and entertaining themselves.

They are so accustomed to having a playmate, that it’s inherent for them to keep each other entertained.

According to Medical Press, twins will start interacting even before they are born!

The studies show that while in the womb, “They touched each other more often than they touched their own bodies, spending up to 30 percent of their time reaching out and stroking their co-twin.”

How lucky twins are to be blessed with a constant companion–someone to play with, talk with, and yes, even dance with.

So remember, twins or not, if you’ve got a young one at home, make sure to get that baby dancing!

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