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8 Siblings Form A Line, Their Christmas Dance Is Lighting Up The Internet

Every family has their very own holiday tradition and for the Orgill family from Highland, Utah, that means throwing on some silly sweaters and dancing their booties off!

Every year, the eight Orgill children (and any other willing family members) join together for a hilarious dance that takes the Internet by storm!

Now the Orgill family is at it again. This year’s annual Christmas dance is better than all of the ones before it! Their awesome sweaters add a special holiday flare, too.

While their Christmas dance routines are always entertaining, they’re far from the first videos that the family has posted online.

Ammon Orgill told KSL News that the siblings have been recording, editing and sharing videos since they were children!

Ammon’s parents encouraged their itch to perform by suggesting they put on plays and acts when they were toddlers.

He explained that with eight small children running around the house his parents thought of every idea to keep them busy.

It wasn’t until someone suggested they create a Christmas video years later that the dancing routine popped into their heads! Now the eight children – five paternal siblings and three adopted – are adults and have kids of their own.

Even though each person in this loving family is vastly different, they each know how to put their disagreements aside and focus on the true meaning of the season.

So when this year’s routine was being planned out, it only made sense to include the original eight, their children, Mama and Papa Orgill and any other stragglers hanging around the house!

For their sixth annual Orgill Family Christmas Dance, three dogs, three nieces and three in-laws all made special appearances for the video.

They chose a fun and upbeat song, Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me,” for their performance.

What’s even better is that the kids and adults seem to be having an absolute blast making this video.

Isn’t that what the holidays are about? Having fun with friends and family and celebrating the reason for the season?

Take a peek at their heartwarming Christmas dance routine for yourself in the video below. Hopefully, they keep this tradition going for years to come!

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