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8-Yr-Old Serenades Ellen With Ed Sheeran Song, But When He Turns Around His Reaction Is Priceless.


Anyone who watches the Ellen DeGeneres Show regularly is already familiar with Kai,  Ellen’s favorite singer. When Kai was 5 years old, Ellen first discovered him and brought him onto her show to sing a passionate rendition of “Roar” for the crowd. Ellen couldn’t get enough, so she brought him back on the show a while later to cover Bruno Mars for her. This past summer, Kai returned again and sang “Cake by the Ocean” for Ellen. His signature style of performing– eyes closed tight paired with wild gesturing– melted hearts.

Now, Kai is 8 years old, and he’s back again! This time, he’s singing Ed Sheeran’s Hit “Thinking Out Loud.” He thinks he’s just there to talk with Ellen and sing again– and that’s all Ellen is thinking too– until a surprise guest crashes his performance… Ed Sheeran himself!


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