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80 Amish men use their bare hands to pick up house and move it to a new location

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

We can learn so many things about teamwork, and it’s always nice to see people making an effort for a common goal.

If you and your teammates share one common goal and pair it with discipline, you will be effective and efficient in reaching your goal.

In a video posted on YouTube, we can see 80 Amish men literally moving a house – the old-fashioned way.

What is house moving?

Sometimes, moving your house from one place to another is the most practical way to move. Can you imagine seeing heavy machinery loaded with a whole house?

Pretty cool, right?

By definition, moving houses or house moving means picking the whole house up from its original foundation and setting or moving it down in another location.

What if you see 80 people carrying a whole house, lifting it from one place to another? Now, that’s a rare sight to see!

But you may wonder, why would these guys choose to do it themselves when they can just use machinery to do the job?

The way of the Amish

For the Amish people, the event that took place in Spartansburg, PA, isn’t something new. For the Amish people, it is their way of life.

Amish people are a group of traditional Christians who are related to the Mennonite church.

The Amish people are well known for their discipline and strict obedience to the Ordnung, or order. They are also known for their choice of lifestyle.

The order or rules of the Amish people differ from each community, but most of them do not allow their people to use technology.

This means, as much as possible, they should do things in an old-fashioned way instead of relying on technology such as mobile phones, electricity, television, and computers.

The Amish people believe that loving, embracing, and using these might cause them to start living in personal vanity.

What makes this video awesome

Aside from seeing 80 people lift a whole house, there can be so much to appreciate in this video of almost six minutes.

We love how the Amish people value teamwork, and it shows pretty much how they value each one’s importance. Each one gave their best to help move the entire house.

From the moment these guys lifted the house to how they managed to slowly move it without compromising the structure is pretty awesome, don’t you agree? They were also waiting for the guidance of the few men outside, each one patiently waiting to move according to the team’s goal.

We couldn’t miss the adorable dog who was trying his best to help as well!

All in all, this short clip showcases not only the ability of these people to lift an entire home but also their dedication and discipline to their way of life.

By choosing to do things the old-fashioned way, the Amish people are preserving their values, teachings, and even their culture.

Watch the incredible video below, talk about teamwork – and don’t miss their dog “supervising”!

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