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81-year-old lady climbs 85-foot pole, stuns Steve with amazing acrobatics at the top

Most of us look forward to the day that we get to retire. A time where labor will be a thing of the past. However, there are some individuals who have so much passion and drive that their hard work and dedication last well into their golden years.

Some of those senior citizens appear on Steve Harvey’s show Little Big Shots: Forever Young.

The show is a spin-off of he and Ellen DeGeneres’ variety series that showcases the nation’s most talented and hilarious children.

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Forever Young features the talents of young-at-heart seniors who perform amazing acts, share their words of wisdom, and impress with their dazzling personalities. They sing, they dance, they thrill, and amaze with their talents.

After all, they’ve had years to perfect their craft.

There hasn’t, however, been a senior on Forever Young that’s made Harvey sweat quite like Carla Wallenda. The daredevil legend performed a fantastic feat of climbing an 85-foot pole on the show at age 81.

“It’s part of my life,” Wallenda told ABC News. “[I enjoy it] because I entertain people and I’ve been to so many places.”

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Wallenda, whose been performing since she was 3, began her performance on Forever Young in a beautiful iridescent cape and hot pink body suit with gold accents. She handed her cape off and started her climb.

“Folks, she’s doing this without a safety harness,” Harvey told his audience. “The pole is 85-feet-high. That’s 58 steps to the top.”

The crowd and Harvey anxiously watch her make her climb as she stops mid-way and waves to the crowd.

“Hi Steve,” she said. “Come on up.”

“I gotta, I gotta read these cards,” he replies, which make her laugh before she continues her climb.

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Then she daringly shakes the pole and that’s when Harvey really starts to get nervous and wipes the sweat from his head.

“Don’t do that lady, please don’t shake that pole,” he says.

Harvey begins to question why the show is even having a woman of her age perform such a dangerous stunt.

Wallenda stops climbing her pole to take a rest and Harvey tells her to take as must time as she needs.

“At 81 you get out of breath,” she tells him.

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This makes Harvey even more nervous. But finally, she reaches the top. Little does Harvey know that his blood pressure is about to rise even more. Wallenda starts swinging around at the top of poll and dangles by a strap around her wrist.

She begins to twist around by the strap alone, which makes Harvey almost lose it.

“Why are we up here?” he says to himself. “What is this for?”

She then climbs to the very top and balances on the top of the pole with one foot in the air, then she stands on it with no hands.

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Harvey can barely watch what she’s doing. She seems like she’s about to take another break but then does stands on her head on top of the pole.

It’s really something quite amazing. You can watch her performance below.

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