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82-year-old grandma dances the Charleston like a teenager

Age can be a beautiful thing.

People (mostly young people) don’t really enjoy talking about something as pressing as age, but at the core of it, we all learn to walk into older and older seasons of life.

In short, we can’t be young forever!

Once, you could sit on the floor and stay up until the wee hours of the morning and now, you have a brace on every joint in your body!

Aging gracefully, however, is still part of the plan for most of us.

While Hollywood and movies make us think that aging gracefully simply means not having wrinkles, it can be so much richer than that.

Thank George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez, Johnny Depp, Cindy Crawford, and many others for that.

So if by now you’re wondering what you’ll be like by sixty, seventy, or even eighty, wonder no more and take inspiration from this grandma!

This stunning dancer is living like she is in the prime of her life! At 82-years-old, she is a show-stopper.

Now regardless if she was a dancer back in her day, you cannot deny the fact that most elderly men and women would give anything to be able to do what she’s doing here.

The best part is that she even tricks you in the beginning!

Walking into the room with a cane, you think “no way this woman can dance”.

When she throws it aside, however, you realize it was all a ruse. She doesn’t need the cane, she has the legs of a teenager!

Like Popeye and his spinach, this woman takes her multivitamin and stands up like she never aged a day.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is an 82-year-old woman dancing the Charleston. No easy feat, even for the younger crowds today!

Speaking of age, let’s talk about where the Charleston came from! The popular dance originated in African-American communities near, you guessed it, Charleston, South Carolina! Even though it was popularized on an island near the US city, its roots could even be traced back to Central Africa!

Move the clock forward to the 1920s and women are pressing at the seams of conventional social structure.

For a corset-ridden population, the fun and exciting dance was perfect.

It was rebellious and strutting, and even involved a little skirt flipping! These new dancers were called Flappers.

Our 82-year-old friend was around during those enlightening times and still has her legs!

With incredible posture and a huge smile, she shows us what it really means to “age gracefully”.

No bar or club needed here. She’s got her kitchen which works fine for her.

She is giving everyone a look at how the roaring twenties were.

Back to the time when men and women were getting rid of the strict, conservative ways, giving birth to new clothes, actions, and attitudes.

Women cut their hair and skirts and culture started to shift in a noticeable way!

Look how much fun she’s having!

Those kicks are really high even for younger dancers.

Grandma’s looking good in her black dress and expensive-looking necklaces too!

She truly is young at heart and presses on for a good two minutes just kicking, spinning, and even striking a pose for the camera.

She just goes left, right, back and side with her arms swinging along to her movements. She can still cut a rug!

We ALL want to be like her when we are her age! She is an amazing role model for what you can do, no matter your age.

From the roaring 20s to the 80s! Think you can keep up? Watch the video below and see for yourself!

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