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9 Autistic Students Storm Stage With Routine So Gripping Not One Dry Eye Was Left In The Room

It seems like there’s no end to all the talented dance groups that compete for the ultimate win on reality TV shows, but it takes more than fancy footwork to impress a crowd of judges who have already seen it all.

There’s a new group that’s making airwaves because they’ve figured out the secret formula to making a big splash, and it has everything to do with having a whole lot of attitude!

The Greatest Dancer, which airs on the BBC, is a show that many Americans are probably unfamiliar with, but there’s a good reason to catch up with what’s been happening on the other side of the pond.

That reason is dance group AWA, otherwise known as Autism With Attitude, and wait until you see the reason why they earned a standing ovation from the crowd.

The series is hosted by singer Alesha Dixon, who folks may be familiar with from her appearances on Britain’s Got Talent.

Leading the way to discover the greatest dancer ever are co-captains Matthew Morrison of Glee fame, Strictly Come Dancing pro Oti Mabuse, and platinum-selling singer Cheryl.

The rules of The Greatest Dancer are a little bit different from other shows.

Dancers of any age and any style are competing against each other to win a chance to perform on Strictly Come Dancing.

Of course, the £50,000 prize at the end is an extra incentive that makes all of the dancers try to put their best foot forward! Which is exactly what Autism With Attitude did during the fourth week of the series.

Although there are famous celebrity “captains” at the helm of this glitzy showboat, all the power is actually in the hands of the audience.

If 75 percent of them are impressed by the audition, then they can vote to open the secret mirror, which is a portal to the next stage of the competition.

This show has seen it all, from ballet to ballroom, jazz to disco, and contemporary to footloose street moves.

What is hasn’t seen yet is a group of kids on the Autism spectrum giving it their all for a chance to see the mirror open up a pathway to their ultimate dreams.

The young men of AWA have attended the same school, although their dance teacher, Jonathan, cheekily joked that the ones with beards have already left school.

When one of the dancer’s mom talked about the group’s goals, it brought tears to everyone’s eyes when she said”

“They just want to prove to everyone that, regardless of your abilities and your capabilities, that you can achieve anything.”

It didn’t take long for the audience to realize that mom is always right! AWA amazed the crowd with their hip hop skills and they even earned a standing ovation!

When the mirror opened up and moved them into the next round of the show, they finally got one step closer to their dreams.

Dance group Autism With Attitude finally achieves their dreams.

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