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90-Year-Old Angela Lansbury Sings Classic Disney Song And Leaves The Crowd In Chills.

Music has the stunning ability to continually change shape, which gives us the cool opportunity to familiariZe ourselves with new genres, artists, decades, and singles. Of course, most have their preferred type of music, but ii’s always interesting and fun to give other styles a listen in order to recognize talent, see what’s going on in the world of music, and to learn about the artists behind the lyrics.

What’s also amazing is when old classics, be it in music or in film, are modernized and brought back into popular culture. Which is why the remake of the film, “Beauty and the Beast”, has been such a hit this year.The original film, starring the talented Angela Lansbury, is officially 25 years old, and what has she done to celebrate that fact? She’s given a stunning repeat of the song, “Tale As Old As Time”, for a crowd of theatre-goers. She stands beautifully in front of the microphone, and sings the song as if there weren’t a care in the world—and the crowd sincerely loved her for it!

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