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90-Year-Old Birthday Girl Takes The Dance Floor, Quickly Proves That She’s Still Got It

We often hear about seniors doing incredible things, like Jeannette Phelps, an American dancer born in the 1920s who is best known as Jean Veloz.

Jean is synonymous with the Lindy, a dance from the 1930s that combines tap, jazz, breakaway and the Charleston.

Because of her amazing talent, Jean was able to have a lifelong career in the industry that even included dancing on the silver screen!

In the video, we get a glimpse into Jean’s 90th birthday party, which of course has a dance floor front and center.

However, will Jean still be able to give her guests a show? It’s time to find out! When the music begins, a lucky young man takes Jean by the hand and pulls her onto the dance floor.

Jean moves her feet, shakes her hips, and is swung around – all while the crowd cheers for the couple. Whoa, she’s on fire! Are we really sure she’s turning 90?

Just as the pair gets rolling in their routine, a tall mysterious man makes his way onto the dancer floor.

He slyly steals Jean away from her partner for a chance to boogie with the birthday girl. The party guests are going crazy watching Jean dance, she truly looks like she’s 19!

But as it turns out, Jean has a full dance card. Watch in the video below how she still has the men lining up to dance. Jean Veloz may have been turning 90 – but my oh my, she’s still got it!

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