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92-year-old husband helps wife dye hair when she can’t visit salon

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted necessary adaptation from humanity.

With quarantines and lockdowns becoming the new abnormal, people have had to look elsewhere for common services such as haircuts and pedicures.

In the age of social distancing, common services have fallen to (mostly unskilled) spouses and relatives.

Some do a better job than others, but it’s the thought and attempt that count, right? Well, I suppose that nobody wants hacked hair.

I guess the results matter depending on the person and procedure…

True love stands the test of time, scoffing at quarantines and lockdowns.

Recently, a 92-year-old husband helped dye his wife’s hair.

Hair dyeing isn’t exactly a fast and easy process, and it’s even more difficult with the unavailability of trained professionals.

A decent amount of preparation goes into the hair dyeing process, including pre-washing, brushing, and ear, neck, and hairline coating, generally with something like Vaseline.

Sometimes the dye needs to be mixed with a developer before application.

The entire process is something taken for granted at your local barber and salon.

Chances are, Husband has little to no hair-dyeing experience.

But that doesn’t mean he’s going to disappoint his spouse.

Fortunately, there are revealing photographs, courtesy of their grandson, of the Israeli couple going through the dyeing together.

In the face of global adversity, this is what matured, true love looks like:

Without skipping a beat, Husband takes care of his wife, even if asked to do something a little out of his comfort zone.

It’s likely a new experience for both of them, especially him. He controls the fate of her hair in his hands, literally.

And give credit to Wife for even giving him the chance of performing and proving his salon skills.

Although he doesn’t have all of the professional tools, Husband tries to make it work.

This isn’t the typical salon job. Plus, the ambiance is much more homey.

A good hair stylist can do it all – even dyeing outdoors.

Before the coronavirus, oh so long ago, people would walk into salons, demanding the world from their skilled stylists.

Sometimes the customer wants blonde, sometimes pink… or maybe a combination of pink and orange – it doesn’t matter.

Some stylists can transform anybody’s hair into… well, anything.

But this clearly isn’t the same dyeing package applied by our Israeli couple.

Husband’s work is a little more… subtle.

Although it isn’t exactly a salon, the household procedure gets the job done.

That’s love – dyeing your 90-year-old spouse’s hair during a global pandemic.

Her hair turns out great! It honestly looks completely natural, despite her “unskilled” husband’s handiwork.

He probably did a lot of necessary research beforehand.

Maybe he has prior experience? I mean, the man does have 90+ years of life under his belt.

Who knows what little tricks he learned along the way.

Now, the couple can sit back and wait out the proverbial storm.

It may take a few months, but at least they have each other.

They’ve seen world wars, terrorist attacks, and numerous bouts of economic turmoil.

The outfall of the coronavirus pandemic surely won’t slow them down.

They seem to be doing just fine.

These days (and everyday, actually), keep your friends and your family close. We’ll make it through this together.

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