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93-year-old dancer proves she’s still got it with same routine from 74 years ago

During the course of your life, if you are ever able to do the same thing 74 years apart, consider yourself lucky.

Any passion that lasts for close to three-quarters of a century is something truly special.

As this video proves, the passion many people have for dance is a lifelong commitment.

Legendary dancer Jean Veloz is 93 years young in the video.

When she first performed this dance, she was only 19.

She recreated the routine at the annual Camp Hollywood Swing Dance event on Labor Day in Los Angeles.

“93 1/2 year old legendary dancer Jean Veloz performs a routine she first did for a movie called “Swing Fever” in 1943. She had not performed the routine in 74 years,” reads a description of the video.

When Jean is introduced by the host of the event, she is greeted by attendees with applause. She looks great for 93. We should all hope to age so gracefully.

93-Year-old Jean and 19-Year-Old Jean Share the Stage

Imagine being Jean Veloz. In 1943, she was a young 19-year-old. With World War II ongoing, it was a hard time to be young.

Could she have ever known that 74 years later, she’d be enjoying the same dance routine she had as a youngster?

In the 1940s, television and film were new and exciting technologies.

While nowadays most people have cameras right on their phones, back in the 40s, appearing on screen in any fashion was truly exciting.

Now, more than 7 decades later, Jean shares the stage with her 19-year-old self as footage of the original dance routine is played on a screen.

Jean as a teenager and Jean in her 90s are sharing the stage at the same time.

“93 year old Jean is seen with her 19 year old self doing the same dance routine on a big screen behind her with a clip from 1943,” the description continues.

Swing Dancing In Your 90s Is Not Easy

The type of dance popular in the 1940s is not one you would think would be easily performed by people 74 years later.

There is quite a lot of hip movement in this dancing, not something nearly century-old people are able to easily do.

Jean moves and dances like a woman only a fraction of her age, however. Heck, most people in their 20s can’t move like Jean does today.

Not Everything Stays The Same

There was one section in the dance Jean didn’t seem too keen to recreate.

In the video from the 1940s, two male dancers flip Jean up over their heads and she does a full rotation before landing on her feet.

The 93-year-old version of Jean opted not to do this part, however.

Instead, Jean and her 2 counterparts just threw their arms up in the air as if to say “just pretend we did that part.”

The Crowd Goes Wild

There was something about this routine that clearly tugged at the heartstrings of the event’s attendees as well as Jean.

It was a beautiful routine but the way she danced alongside a version of herself from 74 years ago seemed to be a celebration of life and the journey we all go through.

Jean has witnessed more than 93 years of life on this planet. She’s seen the world change many times over.

What a journey she has been on. Through every single thing she’s been through, she has kept her passion for dance alive.

You can witness this incredible dance routine performed 74 years apart in the video below.

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