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A Giant Wolf Plops Down Next To Her. Just Wait Until They Make Eye Contact

Whoa! The woman in this video is either really brave or totally insane.

Wolves have always been a source of fear for humans, and in the wild, they have been known to hunt people who were unlucky enough to wander into their part of the forest.

That being said, they’re also highly intelligent, majestic animals who have often been misunderstood.


Wolves are essentially giant, wild dogs. In fact, it’s quite likely that the first domesticated dogs may have even branched off from the wolf family tree.

Wolves live and hunt in packs of around six to ten animals. They are known to roam large distances, perhaps 12 miles (20 kilometers) in a single day.

Like most animals, they don’t pose a danger to humanity unless they are in extreme situations and/or feel threatened.


At the Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center, dedicated animal experts work with wolves to help care for them, rehabilitate them, and to raise public awareness about these animals.

In this video, we see one of the wolf handlers, Danielle, is spending some time with a wolf named Kekoa, when another, even bigger wolf called Sakara comes over and decides to snuggle up with her like a puppy dog!

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H/T: Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center

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