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A Street Musician Had Decided To Quit, Until These Little Guys Showed Up.

A street musician in Pangkor, Malaysia was doing what street musicians do; playing his guitar and singing, and providing entertainment for all of the passers-by. We don’t really know all of the details from the video, but it appears to be evening.

We can assume that it’s been a long day of strumming his guitar and singing. Perhaps his throat is scratchy and dry and he’s tired of feeling underappreciated for his obvious talent. He’s decided that it’s getting late and it’s time to just pack up his guitar and go home. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

On a whim, he decides to play just one more song. It’s his favorite, so he plays with just a little more passion than he would have otherwise. Suddenly, something wonderful happens. The musicians beautiful voice carried into a nearby alley, where a few adorable, fluffy kittens make their home. Drawn in by the man’s voice, they come over and sit in front of him.

Those little kittens heard something special that evening, and they were happy to sit and listen. And they truly are the cutest audience ever.

You see, I firmly believe that animals are more intuitive than humans. Though they are able to communicate with humans and other animals through body language and vocalizations, they lack the power of language that humans have. Because of this, they are more adept at reading body language and other intangible “vibes” that people give off.

Here’s an example: even if you appear perfectly normal, if my dog doesn’t like you, then chances are I probably won’t like you either. He’s a pretty good judge of character, and he hasn’t been wrong yet. So, I’m pretty sure these kittens are telling us that this is a special soul who deserves an audience.

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