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Abandoned Baby Koala Is Found And Kisses Rescuer To Say Thank You

On any given day, the internet is a fantastic place to find images of adorable animals.

There are giraffes, elephants, lions, tigers, and of course, cats and dogs.

There are tiny animals like mice and enormous animals like whales.

Then, there are the babies. Who can get enough of kittens and puppies? I know that I can’t.

There are endless stories about these animals, but my favorite stories are rescue stories that have a happy ending.

As humans, we are the intelligent species that rules the earth and we reside at the top of the food chain.

Not only does this allow us certain benefits, but like it or not, it also means that we carry a rather heavy burden.

We have a responsibility, as the “ruling” species of this planet, to be stewards of the planet and its inhabitants. This includes the animals.

We are responsible for the health and welfare of not only the domesticated animals that live alongside us but the wild animals, as well.

As we encroach on more of their territory, it is important that we learn to exist alongside them in a compassionate way.

When a tiny, baby Koala was found wandering around an Australian neighborhood, trying to find shelter from the hot sun, she was taken to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital (part of Australia Zoo, founded by the late Steve Irwin).

She was treated for pink eye and zoo workers and vets are working hard to bring her back to full health.

In the meantime, this adorable little girl, named Lucy, has become quite popular with zoo staff, and they decided to share her with the world.

She is just too cute as she thanks a kind human with her kisses!

Like and share this video so everyone can have a baby koala in their life!

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