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Abused Dog Wakes Her Rescuer In The Middle Of The Night To Say ‘Thank You’

Rescue dogs are just as sweet, loving, and cuddly as any other dogs — but there is a chance that they will be a little squeamish around strangers.

Though they may come off as scared or antisocial, dogs will learn how to love and trust again if they are surrounded by love.

They will even step up and save their owners from harm, like this brave rescue doggie did for his toddler friend.

Some dogs take longer than others to feel comfortable around other people when they have experienced neglect or abuse.

This was the case for poor Niya, who was picked up by Kimberley Slown Gibson County Animal Shelter after she was abandoned from her owner.

Though it was apparent that Niya needed time to be a comfortable, happy dog again, she had her own way of showing her savior that she was appreciative.

Check below to learn how she surprised Slown in the middle of the night to say thank you.

[H/T: The Dodo]

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