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Abused dog was chained outside shivering for 4 entire years until an angel stepped in

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Sadly, many dogs go through difficult experiences. But Diesel’s case is extreme.

He spent his first four years chained outside in the Yukon, Canada.

Somehow, Diesel managed to survive in savagely cold conditions.

In the Yukon, it can reach temperatures of minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

To keep his paws from freezing, Diesel would lift one and then the other from the icy ground.

Diesel’s owner would barely feed him, making the dog go hungry for days.

As well as the weather, Diesel was always in danger from humans and animals.

Once, a horse kicked him in the face, resulting in him losing teeth and splitting his tongue.

Another time, a stray dog bit him in the shoulder. Eventually, Diesel’s owner became so annoyed with Diesel that he was pondering shooting him.

But luckily, someone who lived nearby Diesel’s owner saw the dog. He contacted Animal Advocates. They were able to arrive just in time.

After freeing Diesel from his chain, Animal Advocates took him to their shelter. The dog had never known kindness like this.

He was, of course, very nervous. Who could blame a dog that had been through so much and only known humans to be cruel?

Diesel’s first trip to the vet was badly needed. The vet was able to treat the animal’s tongue and shoulder wound. The vet also neutered him and cut off a tumor.

Pretty soon, Diesel was feeling as good as new. Amazingly, the volunteers discovered that Diesel was incredibly friendly.

The animal soon learned that not everyone was as cruel as his former owner.

However, Diesel had had zero training. So Animal Advocates sent him to a rehabilitation camp.

The trainer at the camp was amazed to see how friendly Diesel was. She knew that the dog would be easy to train compared to some who arrived there.

Diesel even made firm friends with this trainer’s own dog, Romeo.

The only issue with their friendship was that Diesel got tired out very easily. He had never played with another dog or even another human before.

Animal Advocates approved Diesel for fostering.

In no time at all, a foster family took him in. At first, the animal was shy around the fosters, especially the dog that was a permanent part of the family.

But over the days, he became more and more friendly. The foster family ended up calling him “teddy bear,” because he was just that cuddly.

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