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Adorable 8-month-old melts hearts and goes viral with video of his first steps

As a parent, there is no single feeling that compares to watching your adorable little baby making their first steps for the very first time.

It’s such a special and fond moment that no parent will ever forget, and thanks to the digital age we live in today, it’s pretty easy to capture heartwarming moments like these and watch them forever.

Whether’s it’s a pregnancy, the first time saying ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’, or in this case, their first walk – a camera is never far away nowadays.

Stepping for the first time is definitely a milestone and a game-changer for babies.

According to doctors and experts, a baby can independently learn how to walk from the age of nine months old.

At most, it shouldn’t take longer than the fifteenth month before a little toddler starts moving independently and it happens around their first anniversary on average.

Of course, before babies start walking, they’ll try to crawl from point A to point B and will generally experiment. It’s all part of growing up and perfectly normal.

When this cute eight-month-old boy made his first steps, his parents decided to film it and upload it to YouTube.

He’s just too adorable and the entire internet fell in love with him!

And it all starts with the way he’s dressed – this is a very classy baby with a tucked-in button-down shirt.

The most important piece of his outfit, however, is that absolutely infectious smile.

Just look at him walk. He’s still learning, of course, but it’s definitely the real thing without any support or stumbling.

You can see how the baby tries to look down on his feet and figures out what to do on the fly.

The facial expressions really make this a special video: he often goes from smiling to determined, to proud, and then all over again.

He needs a bit of focus and takes some time to regroup while looking at the camera – he wants to maintain his balance and isn’t even thinking about falling or stumbling!

The little boy knows he has muscles, and more importantly, he knows how to use them!

Now that he’s fully managed to grasp ‘walking’, you can see the focused and satisfied look on his face as if he were a professional athlete who just shattered a world record.

Now that this kid knows how to walk, he’ll definitely want to do it more often and often – according to his parents, he doesn’t know when to stop!

Once babies manage to walk on their own, they’ll still crash or stumble once in a while, it’s just a part of the learning process and nobody gets to walk perfectly at such a young age.

It might hurt or sting for a little while, but then they get up and are off to their adventures again.

At only eight months old, this baby is definitely among one of the younger ones to learn how to walk.

According to experts, you can pretty roughly predict when babies will take their first steps.

For example, spending some time near furniture trying to pull themselves up, is a good indication that they’ve realized how to use their leg muscles and that they will start walking soon.

You could also tell by their amount of confidence – if you notice a difference, chances are your little one will start walking and going on adventures soon.

After all, there’s nothing bigger than a baby’s curiosity, so you can bet that they’ll want to discover the entire house.

As for the adorable little boy in the video, we’re pretty sure that his walking skills have improved even further now and that he’s been through all sorts of adventures.

Definitely make sure to watch his first adorable baby steps in the short video below.

With more than six million views on YouTube, he definitely knows how to bring a smile to a lot of faces!

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