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After 7 weeks away from each other, 4-year-old battling cancer finally gets to hug dad

When you are a parent, your child is your everything.

There is simply no doubt about it. You know that you would do absolutely anything for them… And you would never want to see them suffer or be in any pain.

Mila Sneddon is a 4-year-old who was sadly diagnosed with leukemia. Now, she is being treated with chemotherapy.

Given the current coronavirus pandemic, this also means that she is more susceptible to COVID-19 because of her extremely weakened immune system.

The combination of all of this has put a strain on Mila’s family, seeing as her father, Scott, had to continue working during the pandemic.

Because of that, he decided to move out of the house.

The 50-year-old dad absolutely did not want to risk his daughter’s health at all costs.

Sometimes Scott would stop by to visit Mila, where they could only see each other through their kitchen window.

He could only wave and give her air-hugs — it was not ideal, but it was what they unfortunately had to do.

After doing this for a bit, Scott no longer needed to go into work.

His employer placed him on the government furlough scheme.

So after her father isolated himself for a certain amount of time, he was finally given the OK to come back home and hold his sweet daughter in his arms.

What made this moment so special was that Mila had no idea that any of this was going on.

She thought that he was still going to work and that he wasn’t isolating himself.

That’s why when he finally came to visit, but then actually stepped inside the house, Mila was absolutely beside herself and ridden with joy.

We are also thankful that there was someone on camera duty at this moment so that they could capture the whole moment on video.

It was beyond magical and sweet and you are pretty much guaranteed to shed a tear.

As Scott stands outside the house, he tells Mila, “I’m going to come home today.” Of course, Mila gets super excited and questions it.

Then Scott confirms that, yes, he is coming home today. “Right now,” in fact.

Then her father stands by his word and walks through the door.

The smile on Mila’s face is so bright and big and she is clearly so happy. Finally, the two shared a long-awaited hug which turned out to be very emotional.

Because Scott was isolating, Mila’s mother — Lynda — was on driving duty and needed to take Mila to the hospital for her chemotherapy.

What makes it even worse is that Lynda’s mother died from coronavirus.

Needless to say, that has been an impossibly tragic time for this strong family.

“It’s been difficult — it’s been challenging,” Lynda said. “We continue to push through, it’s not easy for anybody but Mila is really resilient and inspires us every day.”

This family has really had everything thrown at them — the loss of a grandmother, a sick child, and separation.

We believe that they are superheroes though and they will come out stronger than ever.

Thanks for inspiring us, Mila.

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