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After A Kiss Killed Their Baby,This Grieving Mom And Dad Are Warning Parents Everywhere

It Started With A Kiss

When Sarah Pugh took her fourth child home, the well-seasoned Australian mom had no reason to worry. Soon, a slew of excited family and friends welcomed baby Eloise to the household, and many couldn’t resist the urge to kiss the sweet babe. But when little Eloise started having feeding problems and losing weight, that’s when the worry set in.


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After having only been home for a few days, Eloise headed back to the hospital, where her parents’ worst nightmare came true.


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The baby girl was put in intensive care on life support, where doctors learned she had a herpes simplex virus (HS-1) — the same virus responsible for cold sores. And she’d gotten this disease from one of those well-intentioned kisses.


“I don’t suffer from cold sores and was never really aware of them, but doctors told me that they think my daughter caught the virus one or two days after birth,” Sarah said.



Tragically, Eloise was unable to be saved. While on the life support machines, the tiny infant developed a staph infection, and her parents said goodbye to her after only 24 days on this Earth.


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