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After Dad Removes Screws From Her Front Door, Daughter Warns Everyone To Do The Same

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Facebook/Mariana Harrison -Realtor, Keller Williams Realty

Let us share a few more security ideas to help you protect your family, your home, and your property:

Lock, Lock, Lock!

Of course we ensure that our windows and doors have locks installed on them, but something as simple as “forgetting to secure a latch” could mean easy access for an unwanted guest into your house.

Shed Light

Being able to creep into a home through a hidden, dark entry is a criminal’s dream – so squash that dream, and keep the lights on! Whether you choose to keep certain lamps or lights on during the night, install motion sensors throughout your property, or even utilize light timers – shedding light on those “dark areas” around your house and yard is always a good idea.

Hide The Loot

Large windows not only allow you to look out at the lovely outdoor scenery – unless covered, they also provide strangers with a view into your home! Valuables, belongings, the layout of your home… a criminal can see it all by simply sneaking a peek through a window. So keep that pricey merchandise out of sight (after all, that’s most likely what a burglar would be scanning your home for), and be sure to draw the shades and close the blinds, especially if you are away on vacation.

Sport The Sign

Does your home have a security system? If so, bravo – this is a huge deterrent for sneaky strangers! Just be sure to show off that security sign, it just may send those burglars running for the hills!

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