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After Manchester Tragedy, Homeless Man Comes Forward With Confession That Takes Internet By Storm

On Monday, May 22, children and adults alike piled into the Manchester Arena in England to watch their favorite pop singer, Ariana Grande, belt her biggest hits.

It should’ve been an enjoyable, peaceful night, but things took a dark turn right as the concert came to a close.

Facebook/Manchester Arena

As thousands of excited fans poured from the arena, an explosion took place panic ensued. Stephen Jones, a homeless man sitting outside of the arena watched as frightened concert goers ran from the scene.

He shared the details of the night with CNN affiliate ITN.

“First there was a bang, I thought it was some kind of firework, and then there was a big explosion.

I just felt the wind force, and then everyone started screaming and running. Me and my mate we got up and we started running. We realized what had happened, we run back, and all the women and children were coming out with blood.”

Instead of fleeing the scene, Stephen stood strong and offered to help victims any way he could. He and his friends gathered around the wounded and helped pull nails from their skin, tried to stop their bleeding and provided emotional support.

Screenshot via YouTube

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