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After Months Of Silence, ‘The Little Couple’ Discloses Life Changing News Affecting Their Family

Reality shows have taken over television in the past decade or two, leaving us simultaneously addicted and annoyed at their flamboyant characters and their all too dramatic lifestyles. But among the pantheon of shows promoting the sensational, there are a few that truly do intend to show the truth behind someone else’s life.

The Little Couple stars got their own show back in 2009 on The Learning Channel (TLC), and after 8 successful seasons, is one such reality show which brought attention to the struggles and triumphs of people born with skeletal dysplasia, or dwarfism.

The stars, Jen Arnold and Bill Klein, who have allowed cameras to follow their day-to-day life in Houston, are truly amazing individuals who have accomplished more than many people without any limiting physical conditions.

The couple, who first met when they were just 10-years-old, now have two adopted children, Will, 6, and Zoey, 5,  who were also born with skeletal dysplasia.

While the duo is equally fascinating, there is something very empowering about Jenwho is not only a medical doctor, but also the medical director of the Simulation Center at Texas Children’s Hospital and the Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Neonatology at Baylor College of Medicine.

And it’s Jen’s career that is causing big changes in their little family. After a rewarding professional and personal life in Houston, Jen recently accepted an offer from John Hopkin’s All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida. As a result, Jen and the rest of the family have left behind their beloved Houston for the sunny beaches of Florida.

And letting us know just how good the move has been was Jen – who in a recent Instagram post, said:

“I don’t want summer to end! This has been a summer of wonderful Florida memories!!!”

For the fans of the show wondering how this affects the status of The Little Couple, worry not! The show will continue on with its 9th season, which is on schedule to make its debut in September of this year!

Along with the new scenery, the show will also share the interesting ways in which the family is evolving now that the kids are getting older and more independent! Jen gave the media a little scoop about the new season, saying dealing with potty-talk is only one of the challenges they are facing:

“It’s definitely hard being a parent, but that’s expected.

We are glad to know that even a professional with all the education on children, is not spared from the unexpected things that children do!

Along with all the usual day-to-day excitement of jobs, swim classes, and life in general, the 9th season will also include the family’s first international trip to United Kingdom and a family vacation to Vermont.

Jen and the rest of the family have been a great source of inspiration both on and off the camera with their stance on children’s health care and international adoptions. We are glad to see that this will continue on as the family itself goes through big personal changes and takes charge of their new life in Florida. The fans wish them nothing but love and success!

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