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An Old Yellow School Bus Was Transformed Into A Charming Little Home… Take A Look Inside!

You know, when I first heard that people tried to convert school buses into homes, I thought they were crazy. How can you possibly live in such a tight space? But then I thought about it some more… I mean, there are a lot of very cool and very liveable RVs that are comparably sized. And I’ve also seen some impossibly tiny apartments in New York. So transforming a school bus into a cozy home can most definitely work! And here’s proof…

In 2011, Mira and Jeremy Thompson bought a 1989 school bus with the intention of turning it into their dream home. They had no plans on keeping this bus mobile so they were able to make very efficient use of all available space. In keeping with the DIY spirit of recycling, the couple outfitted their home with a lot of reclaimed materials and items from antique and thrift stores. Check out the photos below and see the results for yourself!

Mira and Jeremy Thompson bought this 1989 school bus and transformed it into their dream home…


From the outside, it looks quite tiny.


But let’s take a tour inside!


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