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Andrea Bocelli And Celine Dion Bring The House Down As They Sing Classic Song, ‘The Prayer’.

When you think of artists who have completely excelled in their singing career, who do you think of? Perhaps The Beatles? Cher? Elton John? Surely, Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli spring to mind too, no?

The pair not only have powerful, strong, and inspiring voices when they’re singing a solo, but when they’re together—wow! It is as if fireworks are being spread across a cloudless and beautiful night sky! They simply are that amazing.

Together, they are known worldwide for their song, “The Prayer”, which was originally sung in 1999 for the film, “Quest for Camelot”. And even today, 18 years later, it is a song that has the ability to make a grown man weep. But what else would you expect from two insanely talented singers? Nothing short of a dream, of course.

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