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Andrea Bocelli grabs hearts with Phantom of the Opera song

Andrea Bocelli is renowned and beloved throughout the world.

His tenor voice speaks to everyone’s heart. He could be singing in a different language than your own, but you can still feel the music and emotion through his voice.

What happens when you combine Andrea Bocelli’s hauntingly beautiful voice with an Andrew Lloyd Webber classic song? Pure Magic.

Andrea Bocelli’s career took off after another world-famous tenor, Luciano Pavarotti, heard a recording of Bocelli in 1992.

The song was originally meant for Pavarotti, but Pavarotti pushed for Bocelli to keep it instead.

The two tenors compromised and recorded the song “Miserere” together.

Bocelli’s career has since exploded into the world-renowned singer he is today.

Prince William and Prince Harry put together a benefit concert for their mother, Princess Diana, for what would have been her 46th birthday.

It was also ten years since her unexpected passing. Princess Diana loved the theater, so Andrew Lloyd Webber songs were sung throughout the day.

Andrea Bocelli had the honor to sing “Music of the Night,” from The Phantom of the Opera.

“Music of the Night,” is a song from the hit play The Phantom of the Opera.

The song was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The song is sung by the Phantom as he seduces Christine Daae.

The Phantom is seducing her through his music, which is his one other love.

One interpretation of the song is that the, “…Phantom has two loves: Christine Daaé, and music.

The song ‘Music of the Night’ is written to both of his loves. All good music should provoke an emotional response.

‘Music of the Night’ highlights this. Music is this deeply visceral, abstract thing.”

Music and love are two abstract things you cannot touch but can be felt deeply.

Andrea Bocelli was the perfect artist to sing “Music of the Night” at this event.

Bocelli touches so many people through his music. Bocelli has made people have physical reactions to his music, such as crying.

It is hard to hear such a beautiful voice sing such a deep song and not get emotional.

Bocelli embodies this song through his own voice and emotion, just like the Phantom did in the play.

Before Bocelli comes onto the stage the audience is insanely loud.

Yet, once Andrea Bocelli starts to sing that instantly changes.

He was able to get an audience of 70,000 people to be completely quiet as they all just listen to the song’s beauty.

The orchestra that is gorgeously playing behind Bocelli brings the song to another height.

Before Andrea Bocelli can even finish his last note, the audience erupts into well-deserved applause. What an amazing voice.

The crowd of 70,000 people are not the only ones that are amazed by his performance. The video has over 7 million views and over 1,000 comments. Viewers left comments such as,

“Andrea Bocelli with his God-given voice is absolutely a great blessing to mankind!!!!”

“’The Music of the Night’ beautifully delivered by the master of song, Andrea Bocelli.

One of the greatest voices of our lifetime treating us to this lovely song created by Andrew Lloyd Webber. This is music at its finest.”

“Goosebumps from head to toe! This was mesmerizing!”

Watch Andrea Bocelli’s moving performance right below.

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